Rebuilding of Box Canyon Park

Box Canyon Park in Yorba Linda was destroyed during the fires of 2008 and has been closed since. A reader contacted us asking for any update on when the park would be rebuilt.

What is the current status of the reconstruction of Box Canyon Park?  The most recent information I can find is a reference to designs being underway and bidding expected in June of 2009.  No work has occurred at the park, so I am trying to find out why the process has stalled.  There is an advantageous construction bidding climate right now that would benefit the city and taxpayers tremendously.

I sent an email to Jan Horton from the City Council and here is her response:

We went back out to bid on the re-construction of the park. The bids will be opened October 8, usually at 10:30 am. Call to check on the time if you plan on attending. The public is welcome to watch. After that, insurance has to be checked and a contract has to be signed. If the lowest bidder is already a vendor in the City, this process will go quickly. Once verified, the re-building process begins.

Yorba Linda Box Canyon - Before the 2008 Fires

Yorba Linda Box Canyon - Before the 2008 Fires

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  1. Heather says:

    I went over to this area today to visit this park but when i googled directions i came across this link. My family was saddened as we’ve had kids in our family that were taken to this park for the last 10 years. Thank you to all that made this park such an enjpyable spot and I hope it can be rebuilt in the near future.

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