PYLUSD Mandatory Furlough Days

Due to recent budget cuts PYLUSD has added Furlough Days to the school calendar. This is according to the PYLUSD web site.

Dear Parents:

As you are likely aware, the State of California is experiencing extreme financial difficulties, and as a result, funding for education continues to plummet. Over the past five years, the PYLUSD has been forced to cut more than $40 million and is faced with an additional reduction of $15 million in state funding.

In an effort to address these unprecedented funding reductions, our teachers and managers have agreed to take mandatory furlough days in both the current and subsequent school years. These furlough days will constitute a reduction in salary for staff and require the following additional non-student days this year:

•  February 23, 2010 (Tuesday after Washington’s Birthday Holiday )
•  April 2, 2010 (Friday before Spring Break)
•  April 12, 2010 (Monday after Spring Break)
•  May 28, 2010 (Friday before Memorial Day)

(Please note that on these days, the entire district will be closed, including Child Care.)

I realize that these calendar changes may cause difficulty for our PYLUSD families and appreciate your understanding. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the cooperative efforts of our parents, staff, and community during these tough times.
Thank you for your continuing support of our schools and children.

Dennis M. Smith, Ed.D.

visit the Placentia Yorba Linda Web Site or call your local school for more information if you have any questions.

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