Merry Christmas

From our family to all of our readers we wish you a Merry Christmas. With those seasons greetings I give you pictures of a Christmas Tree I made over 15 years ago. I made it out of car parts and other miscellaneous metal and glass parts. The tree topper is a reproduction Gas Pump globe. The trunk of the tree is a drive shaft from a car. The base of the tree is a disc brake rotor. And the branches are different lengths of threaded rod. I was allowed to put this up in my parents house back then, but I did not leave this up this year in our house as the little man could skewer himself on those steel rods.

Here are a couple more artistic Christmas Trees.

Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile (I want to build this next year but bigger)
Rebar Christmas Tree (I’m staying away from large metal objects that act as skewers)

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  1. Nice!! Could almost double as a festivus pole.

  2. Pam Astle Bradley via Facebook says:

    Very clever, thanks for posting … AND tanks for creating this Facebook page … always interesting and informative. Happy Holidays!

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