Strobe light near Travis Ranch School

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Seems that some people are complaining about the strobe light near Travis Ranch that flashes when people are driving to fast. I’ve been known to have a heavy foot and I think the strobe light is a good thing. Yes it’s annoying but is does a good job slowing people down (including myself). I think the whiners are the those who are driving to fast.

Quotes below from OC Register Article

 “In my observations, when people see that flashing light, they slow down,” school Principal Larry Mauzey said. “It has definitely led to additional safety for students.”

“It’s annoying. It’s stupid,” said Dave Wilson, a Yorba Linda local who drives past the digital speed limit sign every day to get home. “I think people by now have probably figured out that it’s not a photo thing. So it really doesn’t make a difference anymore. People fly down that hill.”


In the comments:

why does the strobe light go off in the evenings, well after school is out? I drive my daughter past it twice per week for soccer practice and I’ve seen it flash at 6:30 in the evening.

I responded saying: because you are driving to fast. :-D

What’s your opinion?


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