Update on Paxton Dispute

Today City Councilman, John Anderson posted an update about the Paxton issue on his facebook page.  You can read the full update at the end of this post.

Before his update he threw a zinger my way:

There is a blog in Yorba Linda operated by a staunch political supporter of a former councilwoman which openly makes no attempt at being fair and balanced. Link where he called me out -> here

The information I posted was what the Royal Riders Pony Club President provided to me and I posted it. Many people send me stuff to post for the community to be aware.

My comment:

Crying foul on being fair and balanced? There is no such thing
as fair and balanced. Life is not fair and the city council is not
entitled to be free from objects to their actions.

If Yorba Linda doesn’t need divisivness then why the YLCR get
to control the activities at Paxton instead of the city controlling
those activities.

The agreement wasn’t the point. They are abiding by the agreement.
The points were:

Why does YLCR get to tell OCRRPC to leave and go to Anaheim Hills.
Why does a member of YLCR use Paxton for private horse training program?
Why does the YLCR have to give permission for the OCRRPC to have a
storage container.

Here is the screen grab of the comment which was deleted. Why did he delete my comment? If I called him nasty names or used vulgar language I would understand.

Yorba Linda Parks and Recreation staff prepared the below fact sheet to help explain the nature of the dispute between the Orange County Royal Riders Pony Club and the Yorba Linda Country Riders. The contrarian voice of a former councilwoman continues to misrepresent and tell outright lies about the nature of the dispute. Instead of a fair and balanced discussion of the interrelationship between the two groups this contrarian voice – as is usual for her – seeks division and acrimony.

I repeat the time for politics of division are over. It is time to seek meaningful solutions to the current controversy and ensure continued growth of our equestrian community. It is a shame that the groups could not work this out. It looks like regulation is now required. As currently written, it appears that Yorba Linda Municipal Code 12.20.02-S prohibits ANY lessons (by group or individual) if an instructor is being paid.


* The City does not have a current reservation policy in place for the equestrian facilities. Permits are only allowed for special events for local non-profit organizations, which is approx. 8 times per year. Both Country Riders and Pony Riders have insurance coverage on file naming the City and the County as additionally insured.

* Any activity other than an approved special event must allow the public to ride in the large and small arenas at any time.

* The arena is not used for any City Park & Recreation contract classes.

* City Policy for the facility is dictated by Municipal Code 12.20.020-S. Private lessons are not permitted based on Municipal Code 12.20.02-S which reads: “ Within the boundary lines of any of the parks and trails, it is unlawful for any person or persons to do any of the acts hereinafter specified: To practice, carry on, conduct or solicit for any trade, occupation, business or profession of whatsoever kind or character without permission of the City Council.

* Currently there is no user fee established. A fee schedule would be very useful to help offset maintenance costs and to manage the number of special requests.

* We don’t have knowledge of any non-resident groups using the facility on a consistent basis, but it could be taking place during off peak hours. As per the current agreement with the Orange County Flood Control District, the facility is open to all Orange County residents.


* Paxton Arena daily use was observed by City Staff, for approx. three weeks (6/14/11 – 7/6/11), to determine who is actually using the facility. Main user groups were Royal Riders Pony Club, Country Riders, and other local individuals. (max. 12 horses onsite – min. 0 horses; average 5 after 5pm).

* Prompted by an incident at the Phillip Paxton Arena two weeks ago, staff was notified that Royal Riders Pony Club was conducting unsafe lessons in the lower level parking lot, along with some lessons in the small arena. A meeting was called for and held Monday, September 26, 2011 by City staff, with two representatives of both the Royal Riders Pony Club and the Yorba Linda Country Riders to address this incident, and current use of the facility. An attempt was made to get the groups to agree/compromise on the appropriate type of use and scheduling, unfortunately there was no accord between the organizations.

* The City Manager has since directed staff to develop a Temporary Use Policy for equestrian facilities, for immediate implementation. The temporary guidelines will be developed based on the current policy used for allocating sports fields and a previous agreement supported by the two main user groups in a meeting with a Park and Recreation Commissioner (see attached).

* These temporary guidelines will be reviewed and approved at the upcoming Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, and encompass the three (3) equestrian arenas allowing for non-profit organizations to have permitted arena space for lessons or events. Note: priority use will continue to be open ride time for the public.

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