Dog Park in the Land of Gracious Living

It was not until just recently that I learned that having a dog on leash of less than 6 feet is a violation of the Yorba Linda Municipal Code. Up until the summer of 2006, I was blessed with the company of Buddy, The Amazing City Labrador, a hunting dog whose prowess in the field was the envy of the many who witnessed his doctoral level talents.

If I had been convicted for everytime he walked with me off leash during his eleven years, my address would be San Quentin rather than the east end of our city. It never occured to me that a well-trained working dog needed any such subjugation.

At the Parks & Recreation Commision (BTW, I am one of those commissioners) we have been discussing various iterations of dog parks, dog runs, dog areas, dog play lots and so on. There are several different points of view which have in common only the good intention of the people behind them. My own happens to be a low-key, rural and rustic area that will appeal to locals. Reasonable minds may differ on the approach. Another issue sure to surface is funding.

My hope is that enough people in Yorba Linda would see the benefit, so that a citizen initiative would arise to design and privately fund such a project. I have no idea who that person or persons might be, but we did it over at Brush Canyon for our kids, should we do any less for our dogs? If every dog owner coughed up the price of a 6 foot leash, we could do this thing!

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