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First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2012 bring back the Fiesta Days Parade to our Land of Gracious Living. We are planning our second Fiesta Days Organizational Meeting for January 26TH, 7pm at The Main Street Restaurant. I have attached a flyer for the meeting that I am asking you to forward to any and all interested parties. As you know this is quite an endeavor and the fact that it has been absent for the last few years only makes our task more difficult. You may not think you have the time to get involved, but your insight and opinions may be all we need to help move things along so I encourage you to attend and help us restore a part of Yorba Linda’s History and reward our citizens with the civic and community pride that will accompany the event.

We have inspiring plans for the parade and will transform it into a showcase event for the City and its residents all that is missing is you.

meeting flyer 1-26-12

Craig Hall

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