Land of No Compassion for Others

Sometimes I am truly amazed at the lack of compassion for other less fortunate. Today I read this story about how the city investigated St. Martin’s de Porres Church, which hosted Mercy House’s temporary shelter, after a resident complained. The Church’s parish was notified in writing on Feb. 13 that it violated city codes prohibiting shelters in residential areas.

February 9th St. Martin’s hosted a temporary shelter for approx 500 people. At least 2 local residents complained to the city. Leanne Mendez, 38, was glad to hear the church in her city could no longer hold shelters.

Yorba Linda resident Alex Howell, 39, is glad as well that the homeless won’t be going back to the church. He remembers walking to school and seeing people drunk outside liquor stores and injecting heroin while growing up in Hollywood.

Howell said half of his salary goes to the mortgage for the house he bought five years ago.

I think the city should let the church keep the temporary shelter operation. It is not an every day or every weekend event. It appears that it was a last resort because another schedule shelter was not available and they had no other choice.

Read the full article here -> Yorba Linda Homeless Shelter 

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